Summer Sounds at the Hollywood Bowl


Last week I attended Summer Sounds at the Hollywood Bowl with my daughter. This is a summer program for kids that feature arts & crafts, as well as a musical performance. The theme for this particular performance was American Bluegrass music.

We arrived at the Hollywood Bowl around 10am. Parking in Lot B was a breeze & FREE (major plus). I had signed up my daughter to do the arts & crafts segment of the program first. There were several art projects to choose from, but ultimately she decided on decorating a drawing book. I had “encouraged” her to make a musical washboard, but she quickly overruled that idea. Lol…



Once the art project was done, we had a 10 minute break before the concert started. We wandered over to the Hollywood Bowl gift shop to browse. They had musical items for kids, picnic items (for your next trip to the Bowl), baseball hats & other really cool stuff.

The concert itself was really neat. It takes place not on the main stage, but in the Hollywood Bowl Museum patio. The music was performed by The Get Down Boys, which is an American Bluegrass band. Their music is very catchy & the band was very engaged with the kids in the audience. Although you were not allowed to take photos during the concert, the band did pose for pictures after it was all over.


After the concert, we ate our lunch on one of the picnic tables that are sprinkled around the Bowl. I noticed several moms & their kids go inside to look at the main stage. No trip would be complete without a photo of this classic LA landmark!


There is still one more week left of Summer Sounds. For more information about the program, click here. If you’d like to learn more about The Get Down Boys, click here to get info on their music & upcoming concert schedule.


8 thoughts on “Summer Sounds at the Hollywood Bowl

  1. Jennifer, Thank you for your lovely blog post! I run the Fine Arts portion of SummerSounds and I’m glad you had a great time. I hope you can come back before next week to do some of our wonderful projects based on the arts of Argentina.

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