Getting Back Into the Exercise Groove


Now that my daughter is back in school, I get to resume my workouts on a regular basis. I did workout over the summer, but I have to admit that it did start to taper off. Once it hit August, my three times a week workouts turned into once or twice a week.

I always work better when I have a goal in mind. This past spring, I worked out 3-4 times a week because we were going on a family vacation in June to Disney’s Aulani in Hawaii. I had wanted to try stand-up paddleboarding while there. I’d heard that in SUP, it helps to have a strong core & arms. So I did TRX workouts on a weekly basis. I have to say that it really helped & my arms did not hurt after doing SUP (twice) while on vacation.

In five months, I’m going to be running a 5k at Disneyland. The Never Land 5k is part of the Tinkerbell Half Marathon weekend taking place in January 2014 at Disneyland. I’m hoping to do a 5k in October or November of this year, so I’m training for that now.

Some of my essential workout items are my Sparkly Soul headband, water (sometimes flavored with MiO), good music from my iPod & pre/post workout snacks!


One of the things I like to eat pre or post-workout is dried fruits & nuts. Sometimes I’ll eat yogurt with flaxseed. If it was a grueling workout, then I’ll treat myself to an iced coffee. My favorite snack bars are KIND bars. My favorite flavor is the Fruit & Nut Delight.


What are your workout goals for the coming months? Are you going to take any new classes, learn a new activity or train for a marathon? Sound off in the comments section below!


7 thoughts on “Getting Back Into the Exercise Groove

  1. Good job, the SUP sounds like fun! I love how you mention the ever changing goals that motivate you. I think I will try that as I have always kept a general idea of a health goal I want to reach. Personally, with the kids back in school it always help me get on track as well. I usually keep a bottle of water and fruit around for post workout snacks. I like the Think bars too!

    1. Thanks for visiting my blog! Running is convenient since you can do it on your own time & you don’t need any equipment (other than good running shoes). I hope you find time to get back into boot camp though! It’s always fun to vary your workout.

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