Wordless Wednesday


So this is where I spent my day yesterday. My intention was to write a recap of the event & have it posted today. However this is a crazy week with meetings, events & my daughter’s school field trip. Check back by the end of the week & my blog post should be up. It was an amazing day thanks to Fitness Magazine, their great sponsors & the awesome speakers!

2 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

  1. Jennifer, I totally understand needing the time to do the write up. A few bloggers have theirs up already and all I could think was, “Damn!”.

    We need to coordinate for the Hard Rock 5K! Getting excited…although not about the early hour……

    1. Yeah, I saw some of the recaps too. Made me feel like a slacker! Lol… Nah, it made me think of that saying “Run your own race!” So I’ll do the post on my own timeframe.

      Speaking of race, yes we DO need to plan where/when to meet for Hard Rock 5k so we can take our pre-race pics! 🙂

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