Running Around Hollywood – The Hard Rock Cafe 5k


Last Friday my daughter had the day off of school. Since my hubby took the day off of work, they both accompanied me to Hollywood & Highland so that I could pick-up my bib for the Hard Rock Cafe 5k, which was taking place the next day. My daughter “insisted” that we get Beard Papa cream puffs & I was like – “wait, we hadn’t even had lunch yet!” So we got a half-dozen in a box to go. Since my husband is rarely in this part of town he suggested that we grab lunch at ShopHouse Southeast Asian Kitchen (on the corner of Sunset & Vine). How could I say no to a spicy chicken rice bowl with Sriracha sauce?!?


The next day I got up before the crack of dawn & drove myself over to Hollywood. It was so strange to be in the city while it was still dark & the streets were so empty.



I could have taken the Metro Red Line like my friend & fellow runner Melissa. The Red Line station is literally right under Hollywood & Highland, which makes it very convenient. Plus you save money on parking & you don’t have to deal with the drive! However the 5k organizers didn’t have gear check & I don’t have a running belt, so I had no other choice but to drive in.

I met up with Melissa & took a quick photo just as everyone was lining up. Then we were off!

Blog24_Me and Melissa

The run took you straight down Hollywood Boulevard – past the legendary Musso & Frank Grill, Pantages Theater & The W Hotel. Then before I knew it, the finish line was near & the 5k was over!

The last 5k that I participated in was about 3 years ago & my goal was to meet or beat that time. Although I love to work out & take fitness classes, I’m not a traditional runner. In fact I’m a slow runner, but that’s ok. Someone once told me to “run your own race, even if it’s at a turtle’s pace.” My next race is the Never Land 5k in January, taking place during the Tinker Bell Half Marathon weekend at Disneyland.

So did I beat my time from 3 years ago? I did & in fact it was my best time ever at 34:45! Was it due to the fact that I was taking ENERGYBits at the time? Perhaps… Is it because my legs are stronger from all those spin cycle classes that I’m taking at the Y? Who knows… Is it because I wore my lucky Sparkly Soul head band? Maybe…lol!



All I know is that I had a fun time running around Hollywood. Maybe next year I’ll be ready to tackle a 10k!

Do you run 5k’s? If so, what is your favorite one?


6 thoughts on “Running Around Hollywood – The Hard Rock Cafe 5k

    1. Thanks for checking out my blog! Good luck with training for your upcoming 5k. You may want to check out the “From Couch to 5k” app. I know a lot of people have found it to be helpful (including me). 🙂

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