Visiting Crème Caramel in Sherman Oaks


Earlier this month, I went to Crème Caramel with my daughter for an after school treat. It’s a tiny shop, filled to the brim with delicious sweet & savory treats!

If you’ve visited the various farmers markets in LA, then you may have seen Kristine de la Cruz’s handiwork. For the past 3 years, she has been showcasing her bread puddings & crème caramels at various places such as Atwater Village Farmers Market & Silverlake Farmers Market. This past September, Kristine opened her store on Burbank Blvd. in Sherman Oaks.

Blog26_OwnerKristine de la Cruz (left) with store manager, Liz Beeson

As soon as my daughter pushed through the door of shop, she immediately pressed her face against the display case to look at all of the shop’s goodies. The pumpkin white chocolate bread pudding (a rotating seasonal item) is really yummy! We also tried the Ube Upside Down Pie – wow, so good! For those who aren’t familiar with ube, it’s a purple yam used in many Filipino sweet treats.


The three items you see below are part of Crème Caramel’s signature desserts: crème caramel (it is similar to flan in texture), ube upside down pie &  vanilla bread pudding. The store offers a Farmers Market Deal: buy four signature desserts, you get $2 off.

Blog26_signature dish

We ended up taking several items home to share: two vanilla custards, an ube pie, vanilla bread pudding & a chocolate chip cookie. Sadly the chocolate chip cookie never made it into our take away box, as a large group of customers came in & things got a little busy behind the counter. Note to self: Always check your items before leaving the store!

Crème Caramel also offers lunch items, but I didn’t try any during this visit. There’s always next time!


Crème Caramel is located on 14849 Burbank Blvd, Sherman Oaks, CA 91411. There’s free parking behind the building, but I was able to score parking out in front. On nice weather days, there is a table out front for noshing & even a bowl of water for Fido! Visit their website for their holiday menu & store hours.

Blog26_TableOnFront***Crème Caramel will be participating in the Charity Bake Sale to benefit the Philippine Red Cross & victims of Typhoon Haiyan. It’s being held this Saturday, November 23rd at Coolhaus Pasadena, from 10am-1pm. Additional event details can be found here, along with a listing of bakeries/restaurants that are participating.***


Disclosure: No compensation was received for this post. All opinions are my own.


11 thoughts on “Visiting Crème Caramel in Sherman Oaks

    1. There’s a place near my house that makes ube pancakes, so good! I’m Filipino, so I really wanted to support the cause & get the word out. Thanks for checking out my blog post! 🙂

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