Flipping Out Over Flipeez – Product Review

Have you heard about Flipeez? If you have school age children, then chances are they’ve seen the commercial on TV. Flipeez are fun, stylish hats with “a super soft inner fleece lining & knit outer hat.” They come in a variety of animal shapes: Kitty, Monster, Monkey & Puppy.


The best part about these hats? You squeeze the puff-ball in the tassel & watch as the animal’s tail wags or arms open! My daughter was so excited to try out the puppy hat. Check out the puppy ears flapping!

Kids will love this hat because not only is it fun looking, but it provides entertainment as well. My husband & I like it because it keeps Chloe’s head warm.

Now my daughter’s had hats before, but usually they only stay on for a brief moment. We’ve gone on a couple of outings & Chloe kept the Flipeez on the entire time, squeezing the puff-ball so that people walking by could see the puppy ears flop up & down.

Blog30_Chloe Hat Coolhaus

Earlier this week, we went to an outdoor ice-skating rink to see Kristi Yamaguchi, an Olympic champion who won the gold medal in figure skating at the 1992 Winter Olympics. This was a special event in Burbank, where Kristi read her book “It’s A Big World, Little Pig!” & happily skated with kids from a local area school.

Blog30_Chloe Hat Kristi Yamaguchi2

My daughter received several compliments that day about her cute hat! We even saw another little girl out on the ice rink wearing the Monster Flipeez. When the girl saw my daughter, she immediately walked over to Chloe & they both started to “flip their lid!” Unfortunately they got camera shy when I whipped out my smartphone…silly girls.

Flipeez would make a great holiday gift for any girl or boy. For more information or to purchase your own Flipeez, visit www.flipeez.com.

Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post. I received a sample product to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own.


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