My Left Foot

Don’t let the title fool you, this is not a post on the Daniel Day-Lewis film from the late 80s, but rather it’s about the pain that I’ve been having in my left heel since last Fall. (Ok, I know that I’m dating myself for using such an old pop culture reference, lol!)

Starting in September, my heel would hurt at random moments. Then in late November, the pain started to persist everyday, usually late in the evening or right after I worked out (which is generally 3-4 days a week).

To help alleviate this pain, I’ve been using these items/techniques:

Frozen Water Bottle
A runner in a Facebook group that I belong to had told me about this trick. Take a water bottle & put it in the freezer. Then when your heel is hurting, roll your foot over the bottle. It sounds weird, but it totally works!

Foot Massage Ball
While I am watching TV or sitting at the computer (like right now), I roll my foot all over this sucker. The little nubs really get in there & dig into my heel where it is hurting.


KT Pro Tape
I’ve been using this since last Spring when my right knee started hurting while jogging. I had originally used a knee brace, but it kept slipping even though I used the smallest size. Then a friend told me about KT Tape & it definitely supports my knee in a way that the brace never could. For the last several months, I’ve been taping my foot as well.


Superfeet Insoles
Last year I went to Fleet Feet Sports in Encino & had them evaluate my running style. The salesperson had me jog around the store barefoot to see how I ran. Turns out that I suffer from over-pronation & the Superfeet insoles placed in any of my running shoes will help counteract that issue. I also found out that over-pronation can eventually lead to plantar fasciitis.


Ultra Roller
I use this roller on my legs after a workout to get the kinks out & also on my heel. The grooves on this particular roller really get into the tissue & massage it.


Feet Stretches & Exercises
In the morning, before I start my day, I do these simple exercises. It really helps warm-up the muscles & tissues in my feet.

Despite all of my best intentions, my heel started to really hurt in the last month. As most of you know, I ran two 5k’s in the last 3 months – one in November & one in January. Yes, I know this probably contributed to the plantar fasciitis, but you know what they say about “playing through the pain!” Honestly I really think that it all started last summer when I wore flip flops every day. Now mind you, I was using FitFlop sandals (not the traditional flimsy flip flops), so I felt that these provided enough support for my feet. At the time my feet didn’t hurt at all, which is why I kept using them in the summer whenever I wasn’t wearing my workout shoes. However I definitely think it added to the start of my heel pain.

I finally went to see my doctor about 2 weeks ago. He evaluated my foot, took a couple of x-rays & then diagnosed it as plantar fasciitis. I’m on a high dosage of ibuprofen to help with the inflammation & pain. While the meds have helped a lot, I’m going to ask to see a podiatrist when I go for my follow-up visit with my doctor next week. I’ve gotta get my foot back to 100% so that I can run the Disneyland 10k on Labor Day weekend!!

Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post. I just happen to really like all of these products! All opinions are my own.


13 thoughts on “My Left Foot

  1. I’ve struggled with this same thing. My chiro told me to start taking magnesium citrate (I get mine from Amazon) because she said the problem lies in my tight calves. She said the magnesium helps to relax muscles further explaining we don’t get enough magnesium in our diet. I’ve been taking the magnesium citrate for a couple months now and…the pain in my foot has all but disappeared. Sometimes it gets cranky with me but for the most part, it’s made a huge difference!

  2. I had the same problem and tried everything you mentioned above. While they all offered some relief it never lasted. I finally gave in to my podiatrist. I promised to stay off my feet for one whole solid week, followed by several weeks in a boot on my left foot. I was so worried because I was training for the Tink 1/2 marathon. Long story short it really was a life saver. I am pain free !! Like it or not sometimes rest is the best medicine. Just a side note,I bought a pair of slippers by Orthaheel and I wear them when I’m at home.. Life savers !! They also make shoes and sandals. Good luck

    1. You’re the third person to mention that brand to me (Orthaheel), so I’m going to check them out! I can’t wait to meet with a podiatrist so I can get a second medical opinion. I have a follow-up appt. with my GP tomorrow, where I will definitely ask for a referral to a podiatrist. Thanks for your well wishes & appreciate you stopping by my blog!

  3. I feel your pain. Literally. I tried addressing the cause thinking it was biomechanics. Meantime my heel kept getting worse. So finally I am doing what you are doing – giving attention to treating symptoms as well. And it’s working! What a timely post!

  4. I’ve been dealing with plantar fasciitis off and on for years. It’s so frustrating! Of everything I’ve tried, I’ve never tried massage for it so I’m planning to see a massage therapist next week. Good luck to you! I hope your plantar fasciitis is resolved soon!

    1. I hope the massage works & that your pain goes away. The meds (ibuprofen) have helped me & the pain has almost gone away. It did flare up over the weekend because I walked around too much (despite wearing the insoles, doing the stretching, etc.). So frustrating… I’m planning on seeing a podiatrist soon to get advice. Good luck to you! 🙂

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