DK’s Donuts in Santa Monica

A few days ago I had to drive over the hill to the Westside for a work meeting. Since I was already out that way, I figured that I’d swing by DK’s Donuts in Santa Monica & pick-up some sweet treats for my family. I had heard from folks that DK’s does a version of a cronut that is to die for!! I’ve wanted to try a cronut ever since I first heard about it last summer. What is a cronut you ask? It is a croissant and donut hybrid.

DK’s Donuts is a tiny shop in a little strip mall located on Santa Monica Blvd.


This is what you see when you first enter (swoon)!


I knew immediately that I wanted to get a couple of DK’s Double Decker O-Nuts. But what flavor? There are so many to choose from: Strawberries N’ Cream, Cookies N’ Cream, Green Tea, Lemon…the list goes on & on. I finally settled on the special house cream flavor & also an ube flavored one. They are $3.95 each.


I also bought an assortment of the smaller O-Nuts in various flavors: Nutella, glazed with special house cream, cinnamon dusted & chocolate covered with cream. These run for $2 a pop.


A couple of regular donuts made their way into my box – a blueberry flavored donut & also an ube donut.


The shop sells sandwiches, bagels, smoothies & cold pressed juices. There is also a huge coffee bar & a few small yellow tables. When I was there, they had a few patrons sitting at the tables, but mostly people bought their items & left.


I made my way back to the Valley & later that night my family happily dined on these donuts for dessert. The Double Decker O-Nuts are big enough to share. I recommend getting multiple flavors, cutting them in half & sharing so that you can sample each flavor.

The texture of the O-Nuts are flaky & light, similar to a croissant, but they have a sweetness to it like a donut. My daughter LOVED the Nutella O-Nut the best. I liked the cream one & my hubby liked it ALL! 😉

Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post. I happily paid for my box of sweet treats & I’ll do it again the next time I’m in this area! 🙂

8 thoughts on “DK’s Donuts in Santa Monica

  1. Oh, I have been hearing buzz about DK Donuts and wondering if I needed to get down there! and of course I do, they have those “o-nuts” ;o). Do you know, I saw the local grocery store was selling some, so I picked up a box – there were a little good and sweet – but also a little greezy. I figured I should not judge the “cronut” genre by these and I needed to get myself down to the one of the bakeries/donut shops making them. Now I know where to go! 😀 Thanks for posting. And they did look yummy!

    1. Someone from my gym had said the corner grocery store sold them too! I’m so glad that I held off & got them from DK’s Donuts instead. In my opinion, it’s worth the trek over the hill to buy them (even if it means taking the 405 freeway)! 😀

  2. Holy crap. Those double-decker donuts look delicious!! I think I’ll have to make a stop the next time I’m in Santa Monica! (It should make me less stabby for driving all the way out there.) 🙂

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