My Day in the ‘Dena

Happy Friday!! Whew, it’s been a busy week. Between my daughter’s jog-a-thon at school last Friday, to working a kids expo over the weekend with my UrbanSitter team, plus an Irish Dance recital thrown in the mix…I’m so glad the weekend is almost here.

Yesterday I met up with a friend in Pasadena to take a class at Studio Metamorphosis. Melissa is a fitness blogger, Registered Dietitian & all around cool chick. You may remember that I ran the Hard Rock Cafe 5k with her last year. 

The soft opening for Studio Metamorphosis was this past Wednesday & to celebrate the occasion they were offering free classes for the week. Honestly when I stepped through those doors I didn’t know what to expect. I’ve done mat Pilates a few times, but doing Pilates on a Megaformer is a completely different animal!


The Megaformer has bars, pulleys & straps. When I first looked at it I thought, is this machine going to torture me, lol! The 45 minute class kicked my butt. We did a lot of planking type exercises & rollouts on the machine, plus leg exercises & armwork. Jennifer Yates (owner & instructor) went around the room checking everyone’s form  & she made slight adjustments to my position & stance.

From a newbie experience, this is the type of class where one could easily be intimidated. I felt this way about TRX when I tried it for the first time. Half the battle for me is to understand how the equipment works & learning just to relax & go with the flow. I remember taking a Zumba class a couple of years ago. I have 2 left feet & about 20 minutes in I realized that this may not be the class for me. Despite that, I hung in there & basically pulled a “fake it til you make it” attitude to get me through the class.

They were still putting finishing touches in the various rooms so I didn’t take photos of the studio. The Pilates class at Studio Metamorphosis is one of those fitness classes where I have to take it a few times before I can really judge it. That’s what I did with TRX & now I love it, so who knows maybe that will happen with this one.  Time (& another session) will tell…

After class I went with Melissa to Urth Caffe for some good coffee & conversation.


Speaking of Melissa, you’re going to want to check out her blog, The Valentine RD. Every Friday she features a different female blogger, which I was honored to be a part of last year. Her blog about fitness, 80’s pop culture & nutrition makes for a very interesting read.

So that was my day in the ‘Dena. Have a great weekend everyone!

Tell me: have you ever taken a class that you felt was out of your league? What did you do to stay focused & motivated? Sound off in the comments section below. I’d love to hear from you!

Disclosure: No compensation was received for this post. I took a free class that was open to the community. All opinions are my own.


3 thoughts on “My Day in the ‘Dena

  1. You need to be impressed that a Master Trainer noticed how strong you were! It was great to hang out with you. I’m hoping we can do something similar very soon.

    PS – Thank you for the shout out and should link to your FFF in the post!!!!

    1. I was so surprised & flattered when she said that! Had a blast spending the morning with you. We should definitely have another fitness meetup again. You’re welcome for the mention! Good idea to link my FFF post. Will update soon! 🙂

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