Visiting Quenelle in Burbank

Last month I visited my old stomping grounds (Burbank, CA) for a media event. I took my daughter with me to watch a family-friendly movie, which was educational & fun. We later visited one of my old haunts for lunch & then tried a new dessert place for sweet treats!

Here’s a little tidbit that most of my blog readers probably don’t know – I used to work for the Mouse House. What feels like 100 years ago (but is actually more like a decade ago), I used to work for Disney Consumer Products. This in no way influences what I write about Disney (on this blog or any others that I guest post on). I’ve always been a fan of Disney, but if you knew me back then, then you know that working there is another story… 😉

Anyhoo…my daughter & I ate at Mo’s for lunch. Mo’s!! I used to go here all the time with my coworkers since the food is good & it was within walking distance to our office tower (at the time DCP used to be in Burbank).

I had a banh mi sandwich with sweet potato fries & my daughter had grilled cheese with curly fries. It was yummy!

Banh Mi Mo's

Mo's Burbank

Then we drove a short distance to Quenelle. I had heard about this place on social media & was dying to try it. Since it was a warm day it made perfect sense to have ice cream. We all “scream” for ice cream, right?!

Some background on the owner/chef John Park – he used to work at some high-end gourmet restaurants in LA, like Water Grill & Providence. The shop is almost a year old.

We found the place relatively easy. It’s located on popular Magnolia Blvd. just down the street from Porto’s & Yummy Cupcakes. There’s free parking in front of the store & it wasn’t hard at all to find a spot. The inside of Quenelle is cute! There is a small kids-sized table inside to eat your treat as well as a bench to sit on outside.


The flavors of the ice cream are very unique & delicious. As you can see from some of the words on the menu boards: yuzu, mochi, kalamansi – there is an Asian influence to the flavor profiles.

QuenelleFlavors Burbank

I opted for a scoop of chocolate & also strawberry shortcake, while my kiddo had the Thin Mint Ice Cream Bar. For $3.50 (which is the regular size) you get TWO scoops of ice cream! That’s a good deal in my book.



Doesn’t it look delicious? It tasted really good too! If you are ever in the neighborhood, you’ll want to give Quenelle a try. NOTE: They only accept cash, so make sure to hit up the ATM machine before you go.

So what was that movie that I took my daughter to see? Disneynature’s Bears. Here’s a photo of singer Olivia Holt (her song “Carry On” is featured in the film). We ran into her in the parking lot! She was so sweet & was gracious enough to pose for a picture with my daughter. Want to know my thoughts on the movie? Check out my review on Surf & Sunshine by clicking here!

Chloe with Olivia Holt - Singer/Actress
Chloe with Olivia Holt – Singer/Actress

Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post. I happily paid for my meals & treats at both restaurants. As for the movie, that was a media event, as stated over on my guest post. All opinions are my own.


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