Cardio Barre Woodland Hills

Earlier this month I tried out Cardio Barre in Woodland Hills. This particular Cardio Barre is located in a mini mall on Erwin Street, next to a Cost Plus World Market retail store. If you haven’t heard about  Cardio Barre, it is a unique, high energy exercise class that combines ballet barre work & light weights. I especially like this type of no impact fitness class because the focus is on toning & elongating the muscles. No bulky look for me! 🙂


The studio is well lit, with mirrors everywhere so that you can check your form. I had to look at my fellow fitness classmates to make sure I was doing the exercises right. The instructor I had was lively, played good music & walked around the room continuously checking out everyone’s technique. She gently corrected my leg positioning on a few moves, which I was very grateful for.

About mid-way through the class, we picked up light hand weights (1, 2 or 3 pound weights) from a bin. I liked that there was a bottle of hand spray/disinfectant to use right next to the box after class, but I digress…  We used the weights & I felt like I was getting a nice workout for my arms.

At the end, we did exercises on the floor (they tell you to bring your own towel). The floor work was a nice combination of leg & ab exercises. By the end of the hour, I felt good!

A few things worth noting:

  • They have cubbies in the front of the room for your bags & shoes.
  • Their lobby has a nice assortment of workout clothes for sale.
  • The cost for a single class at this location is $17. (Prices may vary depending on location.)
  • The parking at the Woodland Hills Cardio Barre is FREE.



For more information on Cardio Barre, check out their site here.

Disclosure: No compensation was received for this post. I happily paid for my fitness class at Cardio Barre! All opinions are my own.

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