Teavana® Fine Teas + Tea Bar in Beverly Hills

Last week I visited Teavana® Fine Teas + Tea Bar in Beverly Hills on opening day! The beautifully decorated Teavana® Fine Teas + Tea Bar is located at the corner of Wilshire & Santa Monica Blvd.

(photo credit: Teavana Corp)
(photo credit: Teavana Corp)

As soon as I walked through the door, I was immediately offered a refreshing Tomato Lime “Cocktail” Iced Tea. There are 3 Teavana® iced teas that are cocktail-inspired: Cucumber Melon Cooler, Blood Orange Sorbet & the Tomato Lime. The Tomato Lime was interesting, but I tend to like my iced teas fruity & sweet. I can totally see these type of iced teas offered as an alternative at your next BBQ.


Next I tried some scones, flatbreads & tea smoothies.


I think my favorite unique drink that I was offered is the Apple Oolong Chia Fresca. This drink consists of a blend of Oolong and Pu-erh Tea shaken with cold-pressed apple juice & hydrated white chia seeds. It’s so delicious & I love that it has chia seeds in it!


The best part of the entire tea bar is what I refer to as the “Great Wall of Tea” – I mean it is a beautiful presentation of tea canisters, don’t you think?!


One of the items that I would love to purchase for my dad to give to him on Father’s Day (being that he is a big fan of tea, just like me) is this Perfect Tea Maker. This is the perfect size for him & makes it so easy to brew tea. At a retail price point of $19.95, it makes for a great gift for anyone!

Perfect Tea Maker

Before I left Teavana® Fine Teas + Tea Bar, I sampled some Butternut Squash Couscous Salad. It was yummy!


I really appreciated the global influences of their food & drink menu. For instance, Teavana® Fine Teas + Tea Bar offers Lemongrass Ginger Chicken Rice Balls, as well as an Asian Glass Noodle Salad.


They do offer more traditional sandwich offerings like this Chicken Waldorf Sandwich. Bottom line, I think there is something for everyone to drink or eat at this tea bar!

Chicken Waldorf Sandwich

I had a great time trying out Teavana® Fine Teas + Tea Bar & I think you will too!

Disclosure: I attended a media event where I received complimentary food & drinks, which helped to facilitate this review. All images are mine unless otherwise noted. My thoughts & opinions are 100% my own.


8 thoughts on “Teavana® Fine Teas + Tea Bar in Beverly Hills

  1. I just went to Teavana today; the one at the Santa Anita Mall in Arcadia. We got the timed teapot. We have the one that you’re going to get your dad, and it’s so wonderful. We love it, and we love Teavana. I can’t wait to visit this one.


    1. It’s SO awesome there isn’t it?! I could spend a long time at the Tea Bar as well, although having to pay for parking by the 1/2 hour wasn’t a good incentive for me to stay as long as you. 😉

  2. I love Teavana! We go to the one at the Ontario Mills; I first tried it at Christmas and was hooked. I think my favorite flavor is still the chocolate mint. My daughter bought me a holiday set and it’s SO good. I like unique flavors of quality tea. I don’t get out to BH often but now I want to go visit the Mills location again, that tea maker looks cool.

    1. The tea maker is very cool! Definitely giving one to my dad for Father’s Day. I don’t get out to BevHills that often either, so I like to try the Teavana teas at my local mall retail store. Every once in a while I am on the Westside, so I’ll seek this tea bar out now that I know where it is.

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