Care Bears Love to Learn – App Review

My daughter loves playing with her dad’s iPad. I try to make sure she balances electronic entertainment with reading (an actual book, not on a tablet), playing with her toys & going on play dates with friends. Believe it or not, she’s been on an actual play date (both at our home & at her friend’s house), where she’s asked “Can we play with the iPad?” Sigh…

Enter the new Care Bears Love to Learn app which is the first early learning app developed by the creators of the iconic classic children’s brand The Care Bears.

Care Bears_app

With this app your kids will delight in playing along with their favorite Care Bears in a series of fun & educational mini games & puzzles designed to help children learn to count, identify colors, shapes, and letters while sharpening cognitive and motor skills. NOTE: This app is targeted for ages 5 & under.

Activities include:

  • Counting sweet treats with Share Bear
  • Building shapes with Grumpy Bear
  • Care Bears card matching memory game with Love-A-Lot Bear
  • Identifying colors in Share Bear’s garden
  • Matching objects with Funshine Bear
  • Music making with Harmony Bear
  • Learning letters with Tender Heart Bear

Here’s what it looks like to count cookies with Share Bear!

Care Bears_counting

My daughter is building a heart with Grumpy Bear.

Care Bears_building

Match the cards with Love-A-Lot Bear!

Care Bears_matching

Here’s my kiddo learning the letter “H” with Tender Heart Bear.

Care Bears_letters

While my daughter is a little older than the target demographic for this app, she still had fun playing with it since she loves the Care Bears. Also it will be a fun game for her to teach her little cousins (ages 2 & 3) during the next family get-together!

The Care Bears Love to Learn app is FREE on iTunes for the iPad only (at this time). Check it out!

Disclosure: No monetary compensation was received for this post. I downloaded the app for free which helped facilitate this review. All images & opinions are 100% my own.


2 thoughts on “Care Bears Love to Learn – App Review

  1. Nice clear pics! The app was a little young for my DD too but perfect for early preschoolers. Don’t feel bad! My DD asks all the time to play the iPad. It simply a result of today’s society. Finding balance is all we can do. 🙂

    1. I agree Jilleen, it is a balancing act. Sometimes when I am pressed for time with writing or house chores, I let her play the iPad longer than usual. Such is life! Thanks for checking out my post & for the compliment on the pics. 🙂

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