First Impressions on the Emmy 2014 Nominations

People often joke in LA that we have four seasons, which are Summer, Fall, Fire & Award seasons. Personally I love the entertainment award season, especially the “big” ones like the Emmys, Golden Globes & of course, the Oscars. I often tell my friends & family that the Oscars are my Super Bowl. I really get into the predictions of who will win by participating in “friendly wagers” with friends, where the winner gets treated to lunch. Usually before an award show, I’ll try to handicap the winners by studying Entertainment Weekly’s predictions or read other online critics write-ups (much in the same way my brother-in-law will read up on colleges during the NCAA March Madness).

RealMomOfSFV_Emmy Noms

So what do I think about the Emmy 2014 nominations? First off, I am pleasantly surprised that Silicon Valley got nominated for Best Comedy Series. I think it is a hilarious cable TV show & I’m glad to see it recognized! Most likely (going by past history) Veep or Modern Family will win.

I love JLD in Veep. Although I really wanted to like her character in the movie Enough Said, I just had to stop watching the movie. For me it was snores-ville. The fact that her character couldn’t be any more different than Vice President Selina Meyer, just shows how great Julia Louis Dreyfus’ range can be.

I think Matt LeBlanc is super funny in Episodes. The show may have jumped the shark in the last season, but he is still great in it & it’s good that he was nominated.

While I’m not a huge fan of Mom, I’m glad to see Allison Janney nominated for it. The Supporting Actress in a Comedy category race is a toss-up for me. It’ll be interesting to see how the actresses campaign for it & who will ultimately end up winning.

The biggest race & hardest to predict for me will be the Best Drama Series. So many good ones! I always root for Downton Abbey & Mad Men. I’m not a GOT watcher, so I have nothing to say about that show. True Detective & House of Cards are top notch.

The Best Actor in a Drama Series will be an interesting race. The fact that the two leads for True Detective were put in this category as opposed to the mini-series one is a head scratching decision for me. Matthew McConaughey would have been a sure bet if placed in a different category. I think we can all agree that it is Bryan Cranston’s year though & this is coming from someone who didn’t even watch Breaking Bad!

I sure hope one of the actresses from Downton Abbey wins in their respective acting categories!!

So what are your thoughts & predictions on the Emmy 2014 Nominations?




9 thoughts on “First Impressions on the Emmy 2014 Nominations

  1. Oh! I have opinions! I hate the nominations. Mad Men, Modern Family and the Big Bang Theory should not be there. 17 nominations or whatever it is for Silicon Valley?! Julianna Margulies and Claire Danes AGAIN?! Disappointed James Spader didn’t get a nomination. He’s really amazing on The Blacklist. And disappointed not to see a lot of new shows in general there. Even if I don’t watch them. Like Brooklyn 99, Walking Dead… Eh, I could go on.

    1. I agree that a lot of these nominations are just repeats year in & year out. Big Bang Theory & Modern Fam always get noms, even if it is not warranted. Homeland jumped the shark last year & honestly I do like Claire Danes but this past season was not her finest hour. I know folks who love The Blacklist & are passionate about James Spader (who will always be Steff from Pretty in Pink to me). I heard an interview (on Radio) from one of the actors on Walking Dead who said that the show never expects to be nominated or get much critical acclaim. They are thankful for their fans but never expect award noms. It is what it is…

  2. I just finished Breaking Bad a few weeks ago and am still having withdrawals. I hope it wins everything it was nominated for just so it can go out with a bang. Also, I’m madly in love with Veep. Madly. I know she won last year but I’d be fine with a repeat. I need to go watch True Detective now.

    1. Everyone that I know who watched BB thought it was great. Unfortunately I was “late to the party” & there are so many seasons to watch, so I never started. I do think Bryan Cranston will win. Sadly I think Jon Hamm is the Susan Lucci of the Emmy Drama category. He’s so good but he has stiff competition, year after year. Plus I think the Emmy crowd likes to think of it as an ensemble cast. Sigh… Veep is great & JLD is a fine actress! True Detective takes a while to get into for some. I liked it from the get go, but I don’t mind slower paced, character driven TV shows.

  3. I was hoping to see Tatiana Maslany nominated multiple times in the Best Actress Drama category – she’s amazing in Orphan Black.

    I’d love to see Jonny Hamm win, but he’s too good looking.

    1. Yep, I know everyone who is into Orphan Black (or is it Orphan is the New Black – lol) – thinks that Tatiana was snubbed. I haven’t watched it, but I heard good things about it. Jon Hamm makes it look effortless to be Don Draper. If you compare that character to the one in Bridesmaids or his stint on 30 Rock, then you know those two characters are miles & miles apart. I hope he is honored during his last season, but since we haven’t seen the 2015 (final season of MM) it is hard to say.

  4. Okay, so everything Breaking Bad deserves the win…FO’ SHO!

    I am also THRILLED to see that FLIPPING OUT was nominated! LOVE me some Jeff Lewis! He is genuine, authentic and an interior design genius!

    Can’t wait for the awards show!

    🙂 Anna

    1. I’m guessing that if you bet on BB, then it’ll win a few categories. Flipping Out is hilarious! I watch it every now & then. Jeff is very funny & his observations (design & personal) are spot on.

      I can’t wait for the awards show either! 🙂

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