Pure Barre – Fitness Studio Review

As you can probably tell, I am addicted to group fitness classes. While I enjoy doing my usual cycle class or TRX class at my local YMCA, sometimes you just have to change up your routine. So a few weeks ago, I decided to try out Pure Barre in Woodland Hills. Mind you, this was the first class that I took after being back from a 2 week vacation to Utah & Arizona. So I was a little apprehensive about taking it.


The class was taught by Gigi & she really helped me with getting the right technique & positioning of my body. Pure Barre workouts focus on lifting your butt, toning your thighs & burning fat. It is a total body workout that fuses elements of ballet, Pilates & strength training. In this particular class with Gigi, we used these rubber tubes as part of our leg workout.


After the first class, I did feel invigorated & energized – this was quite an intense class to take after being gone for 2 weeks. Since I didn’t know the moves or understand the technique (I had taken a barre-type fitness class before, but no two barre studios are alike), I felt like I should take a second class to get a better feel for how the Pure Barre method works.

This second class was taught by Rachel. It went a little smoother for me since I kind of understood the idea of tucking your body in a certain way, being laser-focused on a certain part of your body (core, outer thigh, etc.) & making small movements. In this class, we utilized the rubber tube, a small rubber ball & light hand weights.


How did I feel afterwards? I felt like I got a nice workout. The difference between this type of workout & something like a “boot camp” type class is that those classes are all about getting sweaty, doing a lot of cardio as well as strength training & getting your heart rate up. Pure Barre is totally different. I think if you go into it with an open mind, willingness to learn & the patience to focus on toning & mindful positioning – then you will do well.

The Pure Barre studio in Woodland Hills is spacious & clean. In the front lobby, you can buy merchandise with the Pure Barre logo on it. There is an area in the back where they honor the members who reach their 100th class milestone. You get to sign the studio’s ballet barre & you are part of the 100 Club. The studio manager & owners do a nice job of keeping the community spirit engaged among their members through social media & also via in-store/off-site promotions with Lyfe Kitchen, which is located in Tarzana.


For more information on Pure Barre Woodland Hills, check out their website, follow them on Facebook &/or connect with them on Instagram!


Disclosure: No monetary compensation was received for this post. I participated in two fitness classes via ClassPass. All images are mine & my opinions (as always) are 100% my own.


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