An Insider’s Guide to Using the Opoli App

There are several ride-sharing apps out there in the marketplace. You know the ones, they rhyme with “rift” & “tuber.” 😉 However what sets Opoli apart is that this app lets the customer & provider do business one-to-one in real time. Once the connection is made, then Opoli lets you do your thing! Plus, all Opoli drivers are commercially licensed AND insured professional providers. Thus making Opoli rides a safer & better alternative.

(Photo credit: Opoli. Photo used with permission.)
(Photo credit: Opoli. Photo used with permission.)

I had the pleasure of using the Opoli app & scheduling a pick-up so that I could be driven to a part of LA that is known for traffic. I’m talking West Hollywood folks! Getting to WeHo from the SFV is no easy task at times. There is a fitness studio in WeHo that offers a cross between boot camp & CrossFit that I had been dying to try! So naturally I thought, if I am going to be super tired (i.e. legs are dead) afterwards, wouldn’t it be nice to be driven home in style like a rock star?

Using the app is easy. I had it downloaded to an iPhone (hubby’s) & also to my iPod Touch. Note that it’s always best to use it on the iPhone because it works better on that particular Apple platform.

(Photo credit: Opoli. Photo used with permission.)
(Photo credit: Opoli. Photo used with permission.)

First you type in a date & time, plus the address that you want to be picked-up & dropped off at. Then you simply wait for the Opoli App to search for available drivers. Once you get the list, you can read their bio & car description. If you don’t like the price that is listed, you can counter & negotiate. You have the power to make reservations, select your driver, the price & the best part – the car! They have limos, Teslas, town cars, SUVs, etc. What does the driver get out of it? The freedom to collect the whole fare & not pay a commission.
I chose a town car for my experience. The driver was polite & had texted me 15 minutes ahead of time, letting me know that he was outside my home & parked at the curb. Since I was finishing up a blog post, I told him that I would be step outside at the prearranged time. When I was ready, I walked to the town car & he opened my door & offered me a bottled water for the ride into West Hollywood. It was so nice to be able to relax during the drive, check out Twitter & answer work emails during the 45-minute to an hour one-way commute.

Here’s a photo of me kicking back & relaxing in the car. Yes, I have pink workout shoes. 🙂


I arrived at Sweat Garage in style, completely relaxed & read to workout! (Note: a blog post recapping my experience at Sweat Garage will be posted next week.)

I had already made reservations for a return trip to my home with the same driver. Thank goodness I did because I was dead-tired after that awesome workout! Let me just say that having someone drive you home after an intense workout was great. I nibbled on this yummy cheese broccoli quiche while my driver dealt with the LA traffic. Yay!


Getting driven somewhere is fun times, let me tell you! Doesn’t this sound like a great thing to try for your big night on the town – date night, movie premiere, prom, wedding, etc? Well guess what, you are in luck! I am giving away promo codes to 20 of my followers who are first time riders. These have a $50 value & expires on December 31st, so you have time folks to take advantage of this sweet ride! To enter, please check out my Facebook page for details!

Also Opoli just launched a #FreeRideFriday sweeps for new riders on their Facebook page. You can enter that contest here (after you enter mine first – lol!):

Disclosure: No monetary compensation was received for this post. I received promo codes for a giveaway & was provided credit for transportation to use at my leisure. All images are mine unless otherwise noted. My opinions (as always) are 100% my own.

Opoli is providing $50 promo codes for readers who will be selected via the Real Mom of SFV Facebook contest. Winners will be contacted by me via email. Giveaway ends July 31, 2014 at 12 noon PST. Please note this giveaway is open only to residents of Los Angeles County.

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