Meet Selene B. Kepila of Naked Infusions Salsa

Recently I tried out a new salsa brand that is SO fresh & delicious! It’s made with organic ingredients sourced from local California farms. I personally love fresh made salsa, but honestly I don’t always have the time to make it. For those looking for a really great, smooth yet rich tasting salsa, then you might want to give NAKED infusions a try! I will be giving my review of the product line next week. In the meantime, please meet the latest Real Mom of the SFV, Selene B. Kepila – founder of NAKED infusions.

(Photo credit: Selene B. Kepila)
(Photo credit: Selene B. Kepila)

How/why did you begin your business?
Selene: I began my business out of a desire to share salsa that I grew up with with others. There was no leading jarred salsa and I felt I could solve that problem. I reinvented the recipe by memory and hired a co-packer and other experts to help me market and sell.

As a working mother, what is one tip or piece of advice that you would give to other female entrepreneurs?
Selene: Stay balanced. Between work and family life.

What do you like best about having a business in the San Fernando Valley?
Selene: There are lots of conscious people looking for satisfying and healthy food.

If there was one thing you wish you knew before you began your business, what would that be?
Selene: How much money it takes to bring a product to market.

Selene’s company NAKED infusions is based in Calabasas. Personally I’m so glad that something wholesome & good for you has come out of Calabasas, unlike some of those reality TV stars that start with a “K” or that Bieber kid. Lol…

Seriously though, I love this salsa brand. You’ll have to check back next week for more info on it! In the meantime, check out their website. If you live in California, their products are sold in Sprouts & Whole Foods.

Have you heard of NAKED infusions salsa or seen it on store shelves? Now that you know where to find it, will you give it a try?

Disclosure: No monetary compensation was received for this post. The image shown in this post is used with permission. As always, my opinions are 100% my own.


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