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Meet Marni Rosenthal Chaikin of Pure Barre Woodland Hills

I tried out Pure Barre in Woodland Hills a couple of times earlier this month. I needed to try something that was out of my comfort zone, especially since I had been away for 2 weeks on a summer vacation. When I found out that one of the co-owner’s lives in the San Fernando Valley AND is a mom to a young daughter, I just knew that I had to interview Marni for my new series on the blog.

So SFV followers, please meet Marni Rosenthal Chaikin, the latest Real Mom of the SFV!

(Photo credit: Marni Rosenthal Chaikin)
(Photo credit: Marni Rosenthal Chaikin)

How/why did you begin your business?
Marni: I was a professional dancer and Pilates instructor working freelance.  I got to a place in my life where I wanted to build something a little more concrete and have a place to call home. I was in New York City dancing while living in LA and took a barre class and fell in love. I did some research once I got back to LA and there was very little to choose from at the time in terms of Barre classes. Coincidentally, around that time I joined  a women’s entrepreneurial networking group called Ladies who Launch and, on first meeting, in walked the founder of, what was then, a small company known as Pure Barre. Carrie Dorr, our founder impressed me on so many levels. We got to know each other and before long she offered me the first license in LA (at the time it was a licensing program-we have since become a bonafide franchise). I knew Pure Barre was going to be huge. I fell in love with the high I got from running my own business and what Pure Barre itself did for me both physically and spiritually.  It’s been a win win situation from the start.

As a working mother, what is one tip or piece of advice that you would give to other female entrepreneurs?
Marni: It’s impossible to get it all done.  When you have your own business you could feasibly working from the time you wake up until the moment your head hits the pillow.  Prioritize and strategize.  Learn to say no.  I try to make a minimum of an hour each day where I turn off my ringer, shut down my computer and focus solely on my daughter to give her quality one on one time. It means so much to her and to me. When I return to my work I am so much more refreshed and at ease knowing that we had that time together that has really mattered.

What do you like best about having a business in the San Fernando Valley?
Marni: The SFV is so SO community oriented.  I can’t believe how at home I feel at my Woodland Hills location. People are so loving and dedicated and many clients have become like family to me and my business partner Kayla.  It’s a small town feel in the middle of a big city existence and that is so refreshing in LA!

If there was one thing you wish you knew before you began your business, what would that be?
Marni: I wish  I knew that it was okay to delegate. When I opened my first location in early 2009 I thought I had to do everything myself. I worked 24/7 and didn’t think there was any other way to be successful.  Learn what your strengths are and capitalize on those.  Then surround yourself with people that excel in the areas where you might be weak and delegate delegate, delegate!

I just love Marni’s advice, don’t you? Marni not only co-owns the one in Woodland Hills, but she also co-owns the Pure Barre studios in Brentwood & Santa Monica!

Have you been to a Pure Barre fitness studio? If so, what did you think & if not, what’s stopping you? Sound off in the comments section below. I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Disclosure: No monetary compensation was received for this post. The image shown in this post is used with permission. As always, my opinions are 100% my own.