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Attending the Peace Love Swap in Burbank

Last Thursday I attended the Peace Love Swap event in Burbank. For those who are not familiar with it, their mission at Peace Love Swap is to keep gently used baby, kid & maternity items out of landfills by providing communities with a place to meet, play  & swap their gently used items. Any clothing or items that are left will be donated to a local children’s charity.

I arrived at La La Land Indoor Playground in Burbank around 10:15am & dropped off my bag of clothes & children’s books.

La La Land Peace Love Swap

Each person received a raffle ticket & a name tag. If you were one of the first 25 people to purchase a ticket online to the event, then you received a goodie bag that contained wonderful products donated by companies such as Glam Natural, Waxelene, Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps, Planet Inc. & many more!

Goodie Bag from Peace Love Swap
Goodie Bag from Peace Love Swap

There were several volunteers on-hand to help sort through the bags of items that people dropped off.


Around 11am, they had a dance demonstration by Dancemama Fitness. This is a fun Mommy & Me dance fitness class based in North Hollywood. The moms & babies looked like they were having a blast!



Dancemama Fitness of North Hollywood
Dancemama Fitness of North Hollywood

After the dance demo, they raffled off some cool prizes, like organic tees from Colette Kids & a free class from A Kitchen Story, where you could learn to create your own natural soaps & lotions. After the raffle it was time to swap!

Everyone lined up outside & was handed one paper bag to fill up with clothes. Everyone gets the same size bag so as to prevent people from bringing in larger bags & “overshopping.” If you brought in a large sized item, then you get first dips on one of the larger sized items.


When you go inside, they have large rolling racks with the sizes labeled so that it’s easy to find what you are looking for.



They had tons of infant/toddler clothing, which is great since a lot of moms were looking for those sizes. I was able to pick-up a few things for my daughter to use.

I have to give props to Noellyn Phillips, the organizer of the event. It can be chaotic during the Kids Clothing Swap & hosting one of these things is no easy task. She relies on some volunteers (who receive a goodie bag as well), but other than that, she does all of the work & she does it with a smile. I was amazed because honestly I would have been tired & a bit grumpy halfway through (the scene can be a bit like Christmas shopping on Black Friday), but she remained happy & upbeat the whole time.  🙂

Noellyn Phillips - Swap Organizer
Noellyn Phillips – Swap Organizer

If you would like to attend a kids swap, you’re in luck! They are having one this June in Pasadena. Click here for more info.

Disclosure: I received a complimentary ticket to this event, as well as a goodie bag. Though a post was not required, I wanted to share my experience. All opinions are my own.