New Blog, New Me!!

For all those who follow my blog, you may have noticed on late Sunday afternoon that things look a little different & by a “little” I actually mean a LOT!!  🙂


I can now be found over at! I am in the process of moving over my bloglovin’ followers over to the new one, but if you wanna be proactive & find me by my new URL, please do!!

I am thrilled with the new design & can’t wait to share with you my first new post over on that site. Stay tuned…

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6 thoughts on “New Blog, New Me!!

  1. I too recently had a blog makeover, so I was SO excited to click over from SoCal Lady Bloggers to see your new look – this girl LOVES makeovers!

    When I clicked over, my first thought was ” WOW, snazzy!” and “I’m so excited for her because it feels SO good to look new/fresh.” Then, I scrolled down to see if someone helped in your design process and lo and behold…it was Melanie! Woot! She did mine too!

    We are lucky ladies to have a bit (in my case a LOT) of Melanie talent to transform our blogs!

    Congrats – it looks FAB!

    🙂 Anna

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